We provide personal care which is delivered directly to your home, at your convenient time. We empower, encourage and support our clients by delivering high quality care via trained and dedicated staff. However extra support is given which enables them to live independently. Clover works in partnership with other professionals involved in your care such as Doctors, Nurses and many others to ensure that appropriate support is being delivered. We endeavour to work closely with clients, their families, friends, carers, primary healthcare and other professionals in provision of care needs. Professional contribution is highly valued since this  can help us to offer a holistic approach to care.



Our services are targeted at people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases, elderly, learning disability, physical disability, long or short-term illnesses, overnight care, daytime care/ daytime visits.  Clover health care provides companionship to clients who needs the services. We are highly experienced in carrying out assessments and devising care and support plans, which are individually tailored. We recognise and value the uniqueness of every individual by providing a person-centred approach. We recognise the power of client’s choice therefore staff are readily available to support you to reach your maximum well-being.  This will give our clients choice and control over their life. Our aim is to treat all our clients with respect and ensure their independence, right to privacy and dignity are fulfilled always.